Attention to detail is central to our brand ethos...

Subfloor Preparation Work.

When install your luxurious vinyl tiles we do so having fully prepared the subfloor to our satisfaction which is above the rest,  The preparation process is key to ensuring that the tiles have a flat, smooth clean base to adhere to. 


From our inital home visit, we will inspect your subfloors and determine what preperation works are needed to take place to create the perfect sub-base for installation. From asphalt to timber subastrates, we've got you covered which is due our knowledge behind subfloor preperation work plus the materials available to us.

The Perfect Finish.

Once we have the subfloor prepared accordingly, we will begin the start of the installtion process. Throughout the installtion we take great pride in ensuring the process is as unobtrusive as possible. We'll regularly remove all rubbish and waste materials leaving your home as clean and tidy as possible at all times.


We aim to complete the job as quickly as possible without compromising on the absolute perfection that you’ll expect from the completed flooring surface.

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